Today in Church History - Jan 31

-- Jan 31, 1780
[Lucy Mack Smith] Lovisa Mack marries Joseph Tuttle at Gilsum, New Hampshire. (LucyMack)

-- about Saturday, Jan 31, 1829
[Book of Mormon Translation] Pennsylvania, J Smith Sr. and Samuel arrive at Joseph Knight's home. (Watson)

-- (Tue) Jan 31, 1834
The Wayne Sentinel published an article entitled "The Mormons," passing on the report that the Latter Day Saints in Kirtland, "with Jo. Smith at their head, are 'arming themselves with guns, swords, dirks, large knives, and other implements of warefare...'" (Broadhurst)

-- Jan 31, 1834
Painesville Telegraph publishes the findings of a "Committee appointed by a public meeting held in Kirtland" to ascertain the origin of the Book of Mormon. While acknowledging that "no human authority can in any case whatever control or interfere with the rights of conscience" the committee decides measures can be taken "to avert the evils which threaten the Public by the location in this vicinity, of Joseph Smith Jun. who is now, under pretence of Divine Authority, collecting about him an impoverished population, alienated in feeling from other portions of the community, thereby threatening us with an insupportable weight of pauperism." In the committee's opinion, "the force of truth ought without delay to be applied to the Book of Mormon, and the character of Joseph Smith, Jun." D. P. Hurlbut has therefore been hired "to ascertain the real origin of the Book of Mormon, and to examine the validity of Joseph Smith's claims to the character of a Prophet." Part of his
investigation has already been publicized and the committee is arranging to publish "a work which will prove the 'Book, of Mormon' to be a work of fiction and imagination, and written more than twenty years ago, in Salem, Ashtabula County, Ohio, by Solomon Spalding, Esq., and completely divest Joseph Smith of all claims to the character of an honest man, and place him at an immeasurable distance from the high station which he pretends to occupy."
"To the Public," PT, Jan. 31, 1834.
Committee members:
O. A. Crary
Amos Daniels
John F. Morse
Samuel Wilson
Josiah Jones
Warren Corning Jr.
James H. Paine
Jos. H. Wakefield
Sylvester Cornwell
Timothy D. Martindale (Kenny)

[Joseph Smith] Kirtland, Ohio. Before departing on a mission to recruit and raise funds for the Zions Camp march, Joseph Smith prayed for more subscribers to the Church newspaper the Evening and Morning Star. (BYU-Studies)

-- Jan 31, 1836
[Joseph Smith] Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith organized quorums of the Church in preparation for the Solemn Assembly at the dedication of the Kirtland Temple. (BYU-Studies)

[Joseph Smith] Repeated temple dedication ceremonies for those who could not be seated on 27 March, Kirtland. (JSP1832-39)

-- Jan 31, 1837
Wilford Woodruff: Joseph and Sidney announce that the First Presidency had purchased the charter of a bank in Monroe, Michigan. (Kenny)

-- Jan 31, 1839
[Joseph Smith] Liberty, Missouri. Joseph Smiths history records: I sent the poor brethren [in Far West, Missouri] a hundred dollar bill from jail, to assist them in their distressed situation. (BYU-Studies)

-- (Fri) Jan 31, 1840
Brigham Young and George A. Smith took a steamboat and stage to travel from New Haven, CT to New York City, where they stayed with Parley P. Pratt. (Broadhurst)

-- Jan 31, 1840
Brigham Young meets Parley P. Pratt in New York [per Brigham Young]. (Tidd)

-- Jan 31, 1844
[Anointed Quorum] Evening prayer circle meeting at Brigham Young's house, second anointing for George and Bathsheba Smith (HC, JS-F, MAQ, MHBY, WW). (DMQaq)

-- Jan 31, 1846
[Brigham Young] Brigham Young, aged 44, marries Mary Eliza Nelson (1812-1885) (aged 33); widow of John P. Greene; sealed to John P. Greene for eternity and Young for time; divorced by 1850 (Wiki-BYW)

[Brigham Young] Brigham Young, aged 44, marries Rhoda Richards (1784-1879) (aged 61); plural widow of Joseph Smith, Jr.; sealed to Joseph Smith, Jr. for eternity and Young for time (Wiki-BYW)

-- Jan 31, 1855
[Lucy Mack Smith] Brigham Young writes to the Millennial Star requesting that it stop reprinting articles from The Seer because of its "erroneous doctrine." He also notes that Biographical Sketches contains "many mistakes." This notice is printed in the 12 May 1855 issue. (LucyMack)

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Today in Church History - Jan 30

-- late Jan. 1830
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph Jr. returns to Manchester to force Cole to stop publishing extracts from the Book of Mormon. (LucyMack)

-- 1831 January -May
Members from New York branches moved to Ohio. (Hemidakota)

-- Jan 30, 1831
Sidney tells his Kirtland congregation that Joseph will arrive soon, challenges the world to refute the Book of Mormon. (But when Thomas Campbell offers to debate, Sidney is so offended by Campbell's letter that he tosses it into the fire.) (Kenny)

-- Jan 30, 1836
Presidents resolve ordinations to require quorum approvals. Harvey Whitlock to be rebaptized. (Kenny)

[Joseph Smith] Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith received several visitors and showed them the Abraham papyri. (BYU-Studies)

[Joseph Smith] Held solemn assembly in temple, Kirtland. (JSP1832-39)

-- (Tue) Jan 30, 1837
A meeting was held in the Temple to discuss new attempts to obtain a bank charter for the KSS. [Dale W. Adams; BYU Studies Vol. 23, No. 4, pg. 477.] It was about this time that the LDS First Presidency decided to purchase a controlling interest in the faltering Bank of Monroe. (Broadhurst)

-- Jan 30, 1841
[Joseph Smith] Nauvoo, Illinois. At a special conference, Joseph Smith was unanimously elected sole Trustee-in-Trust for the Church. (BYU-Studies)

[Joseph Smith] Joseph Smith is elected sole Trustee-in-Trust for church, the legal entity for directing church finances until 1923. (DMQ1)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph is elected sole trustee-in-trust for the church, a lifetime appointment. (LucyMack)

-- Jan 30, 1844
[Anointed Quorum] Evening prayer circle meeting at Brigham Young's house, second anointings for John and Leonora Taylor (HC, JS-F, MAQ, MHBY, WR, WW). (DMQaq)

-- Jan 30, 1845
[Anointed Quorum] Thursday prayer circle meeting; anointing and endowment for Joseph B. Noble, Zina D. Huntington (Jacobs, Smith, Young), andprobably also on this dateMary Elizabeth Rollins (Lightner, Smith) (NKW, MEL, ZHJ). Between 30 January and 20 March, Sylvia P. Sessions (Lyon, Smith, Kimball), Harriet Page Wheeler (Decker), and Mary A. Be(a)man (Noble) were anointed and endowed (NKW, ZHJ). (DMQaq)

-- Jan 30, 1846
[Joseph Smith] Young receives a revelation against Strang. Though the text is available, the revelation has never been canonized or officially published. (DMQ1)

[Uncannonized Post-Joseph Smith Revelation] Revelation to Brigham Young, President of the Quorum of the Twelve, received at Nauvoo, Illinois, on 30 January 1846
yesterday [30 January] I had some conversation with Rubin [Reuben] Miller of Norway- [Ottawa, Illinois] he being considerably bewildered by Strang new- fangled Revelation- rendered him almost devoid of Reason although apparently honest in what he was doing - & said that the word of the Lord would- be decidedly satisfactorily to him- where upon I- said
thus saith the Lord unto Reuben Miller through Brigham Young- that [James J.] Strang is a wicked & corrupt man & that his revelations are as false as he is - therefore turn away from his folly- & never let it be said of Reuben Miller- that he ever was led away & entangled- by such nonsense
Thus saying I left him my time being to precious- to be spent in hearing and even talking about-such trash---
(Brigham Young Journal, 31 Jan. 1846, typed copy, original LDS archives) (MarqR)

-- Jan 30, 1891
[Wilford Woodruff] $50,000 appropriated for sugar industry (KennyWW)

-- Jan 30, 1894
[Apostle Rudger Clawson] Reports church trial of Weldon Hunsaker of Honeyville, Utah, who was accused of homosexual assault by brothers Peter and Lorenzo. (Larsen)

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