175 years ago today - Nov 1, 1843

[Anointed Quorum]
Prayer circle at the Mansion House in the evening, "29 present," anointing and endowment for Mercy R. Fielding (Thompson Smith), Jennetta Richards (Richards), Leonora Cannon (Taylor), Mary Ann Angel (Young), and Vilate Murray (Kimball) . Mercy, Hyrum Smith's secret plural wife, is often confused in references to "Sis Fielding" with Hannah Greenwood (Fielding) whose husband would not join the quorum for five weeks. Emma Hale Smith performed the washings and anointings for the women.

Brigham Young records in his journal: "Mary A. young admited in to the piest orderer Priesthood"

This is the last known occasion in which Emma Smith performs the washing and anointing for women receiving the endowment ceremony.

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