180 years ago today - 180 years ago - Nov 4, 1838

General Clark arrives in Far West with 1600 men and 500 more on the way. (Six thousand men had thus visited Far West within a week, when it only had 500 men to defend it.) Clark forbids anyone to leave the city, and the starving Saints are forced to live on parched corn. Joseph and the other prisoners arrive in Independence. One lady asks which of the prisoners is the one the Saints worship as Lord and Savior. When Joseph replies that he is nothing but a man sent by Jesus Christ to preach the gospel, he is able to preach a sermon to the lady and the others, thus fulfilling his own prophecy of a few months previous that an elder would preach a sermon in Jackson County before the close of 1838.

[Conkling, Christopher J., Joseph Smith Chronology]

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