185 years ago today - Nov 5, 1833

Early in the morning A. S. Gilbert, Isaac Morley, and John Corrill are taken to prison and shot at on the way. Rumors spread that Lt. Gov. Boggs is behind the mob. Rumors also spread that the three prisoners will be shot, and 100 Saints gather to protect them. Before a full-scale war breaks out, however, the Saints decide to surrender their arms if the Missourians also promise to disarm. The Mormons later discover that the leaders of these harassers seem to be Lt. Gov. Boggs, the Rev. Isaac McCoy, Judge S. D. Lucas, and almost every other local government official. In the evening of November 5 and 6 about 150 women and children flee to the prairie with only six men to protect them.

[Conkling, Christopher J., Joseph Smith Chronology]

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