185 years ago today - May 9, 1834

PAINESVILLE TELEGRAPH (Ohio) reports: "The Mormon war in Missouri is about to be renewed. Gen. Joe Smith took up his line of march from this country on Monday last, with a large party of his fanatical followers, for the seat of war. - This expedition has been a long time in active preparation. Soon after the outrages committed upon the members of the sect last Nov. in Missouri, the prophet here sent forth his general orders, which he pretended was a revelation from God, for all his able bodied men to repair to the scene of difficulty. His preachers were sent forth to all parts of the country among their proselytes, with a printed copy of the revelation in their pockets, reiterating and magnifying all the tales of woe which had befallen the church," in the "promised land." Like Peter the Hermit, in the days of the crusades, they have made every effort to stir up the holy zeal of the "warriors, my young men, and they that are of middle age also," to the combat. The[y] have been made to believe it was a direct command from the Supreme Being, which could not be disobeyed. For several months past they have been collecting munitions of war for the crusade. Dirks, knives, swords, pistols, guns, powder-horns, &c. &c. have been in good demand in this vicinity. Some have equipped themselves with four or five pistols. The prophet, it is said, has a sword over four feet long."

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