175 years ago today - Jun 5, 1844

[Nauvoo Neighbor]
- Poetry: "Riots in Congress" -- E.R. Snow -- Describes the disdain of the people when the United States Congress is not maintaining order.

- Story: "General Smith's views of the Powers and Policy of the United States" -- Editorial -- Presents Joseph's views that the Government should buy the freedom of every black slave, in order to secure emancipation.


- Announcement: Pay the Postage -- Hyrum Smith -- Hyrum states that he will no longer open mail for which he has to pay the postage, because he cannot afford the cost, and the letters are usually full of "Foolish interrogations."

- Letter to the Editor: J.C. Bennett's Rumors are False -- Signed, "Hospes" -- Describes a pleasant visit to Nauvoo, and refutes some of the Rumors that were supposedly spread by John C. Bennett.

- Story: "More Mormon Exterminators" -- Editorial -- States that Boggs may not be "the only Nero in the land of Liberty." ...


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