105 years ago today - May 10, 1915; Monday

[James E. Talmage]

The usual publication containing reports of the addressed [sic] delivered at the Annual Conference of the Church was issued from the press today, this issue comprising proceedings of the Eighty-fifth Annual Conference held last month. The publication has been delayed owing to a consultation regarding my own brief address. ... It will be observed that part of the paragraph relating to the significance of the title "The Son of Man" is omitted from the official publication... By way of explanation it should be said that this conception of the title "The Son of Man" has been incorporated in my forthcoming book "Jesus the Christ", and that it was submitted to and approved by President Joseph F. Smith. Further, the President of the Church heartily approves the doctrine as set forth in the conference address, and personally desired it publication in full. President Charles W. Penrose, however, is of the opinion that the wide spread publication of this doctrine would cause difficulty to the elders in the field, who he thinks would be confronted with the charge that we as a people worship a Man. Under the circumstances it was deemed advisable to omit a few sentences form the official report. ...

[James E. Talmage, Diary]

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