120 years ago today - 120 years ago - May 10, 1900

[Journal History of the church]

... The Hymn 'Come Holy Ghost Our Hearts Inspire,' was sung. President Cannon called attention to the impropriety of such a hymn being in our hymn book; the point he made was, the Holy Ghost being invoked, which is purely sectarian doctrine. This led to the subject before referred to in the meeting some time since, of a committee that was appointed to revise the Hymn Book taking upon themselves the authority to change some of the wording which, in the estimation of some of the members of the Council, amounted to nothing more than mutilations. The question now arose as to what the history of the Church should consist of, whether it should be written, taking as a basis the history of the Prophet Joseph [Smith] and what has been compiled since, or whether the history of Joseph the Prophet should be re-edited, and what has been compiled since should be regarded what is now referred to as the history of the Church; if so, President Cannon was of the opinion that the history of the Church would be a very crude and unsatisfactory affair. (work) President Snow said it was clear to his mind that something ought to be done in this direction, and for that reason he put this committee to work, and he thought too that the history of the Prophet Joseph should be published just as he wrote with the exception of grammatical errors; however there may be some things that it would not be wisdom to publish in his history...

And on motion of Elder Anthon H. Lund, Brother Brigham H. Roberts was appointed to edit the proposed history of the Church, commencing with the history of the Prophet Joseph Smith, under the supervision of the committee and First Presidency. ...

[Journal History, as quoted in Minutes of the Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1835-1951, Electronic Edition, 2015]

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