120 years ago today - Monday, Oct 8, 1900

L. S[now]. He said ... When Jesus came to the earth, he was a God without knowing it—he did not comprehend his

former greatness, neither did we comprehend ours. We are scarcely out of our infancy. We ought to be up and doing, and when people come for counsel, be prepared to give it to them.

... We are giving the brethren their second anointings, and anyone who receives them, I should think, would never apostatize. ... Presidents of stakes and bishops of wards should be very careful in recommending people for their second anointings. They should be sure, so far as it is possible to be sure, that they will not afterwards apostatize. Do not recommend those who are not worthy.

As to some presidents of stakes who have not received their second anointings, he said, if they were worthy to be presidents of stakes, they were worthy of this blessing and could have it upon application.

...J. W. T[aylor]. Warned the authorities against hastily cutting people off the church. We should seek rather to convert than to cut off.

[Stan Larson (editor), A Ministry of Meetings: The Apostolic diaries of Rudger Clawson, Signature Books in association with Smith Research Associates, Salt Lake City, 1993, http://bit.ly/rudgerclawson]

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