150 years ago today - Sept. 9th 1871

Elder Preston Thomas inquired whether members of the school should be dealt with for breaking the rules of the school especially in relation to the Word of Wisdom. In the course of some remarks on the subject, Elder Thomas said he was scarcely considered an authority in these things as he never used tea, coffee, tobacco, or whiskey in his life to speak of and could not enter into the feelings of those who were accustomed to them. He thought however by diligently seeking unto the Lord we could obtain strength to overcome these evils. Bishop Wm. Budge invited the brethren to speak their mind on this subject.

Bro. Gooch testified to the blessings he had received through observing the Word of Wisdom.

Bro. [Stocks?] thought that by breaking our covenants in not keeping the Word of Wisdom and other things equally culpable we were cutting ourselves off from the school of the prophets.

Bishop Wm. Budge said that in the sins of theft, drunkenness &c there is no dubiety in the minds of the brethren but it was rather difficult sometimes to tell when men broke the Word of Wisdom for there are times and circumstances when men are justified in partaking of some things forbidden in the Word of Wisdom. These cases are rare and we often make excuses when we should not still we can not utterly forbid these things. The word of wisdom presents difficulties that must eventually be met and we should control our appetites now and not defer it. The Bishop then answered Elder Thomas by saying if a man persisted in breaking the rules of the school without repenting he should be dealt with under ordinary circumstances. Our standing in the school of the prophets or even in the Church will benefit us little if we make no improvement.

[Paris ward - Bear Lake Stake - School of the Prophets minutes 1869-72, typescript by Michael Nielsen]

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