185 years ago today - Sep 11, 1836

Predicted date of the redemption of Zion. Five years earlier (see previous entry) a revelation specified that for five years the Lord would "not overthrow the wicked." The first attempt to reclaim Jackson County (Zion) occurred when Zions Camp marched to retake Zion in the spring/early summer of 1834. That August he began plans again to take back Zion through a military effort, affirming the date set in D&C 64, "Use every effort to prevail on the churches to gather to those regions and situate themselves to be in readiness to move into Jackson Co. in two years from the Eleventh of September next which is the appointed time for the redemption of Zion. ... Let not this be noised abroad let every heart beat in silence and every mouth be shut."

[Joseph Smith to Lyman Wight, Edward Partridge, John Corrill, Isaac Morley, and others, August 16, 1834, Joseph Smith Letter Book 1, 85, Church History Library; also in History of the Church, 2:145]

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