70 years ago today - Sep 8, 1951

Colleen K. Hutchins is named Miss America. Other Mormon winners of national and international pageants are May Louise Flodin (Miss Sweden and Miss World, 1955), Lavina Christensen Fugal (American Mother, 1955), Charlotte Sheffield (Miss USA, 1957), Linda Bement (Miss USA and Miss Universe, 1960), Shirley Fong (Miss Chinatown USA, 19630, Marie Moua (Miss Tahiti, 1965), Dianna Lynn Batts (Miss USA, 1965), Alice Welti Buehner (Mrs. America, 1965), Lorena Chipman Fletcher (American Mother, 1965), Joan Peterson Fisher (Mrs. America, 1968), Nora Begay (Miss Indian America, 1971), Janene Forsyth (Miss American Teenager, 1971), Susan Merrill (Miss Rodeo America, 1971), Shirley Franklin Casper (National Young Mother, 1971), Marilyn Jones Maw (U.S. Navy Wife, 1972), Connie Della Lucia (Miss Rodeo America, 1974), Phyllis Brown Marriott (National Mother, 1974), Kimberly Ann Jensen (Miss National Teenager, 1975), Sandy Blackwell (Miss Cheerleader USA, 1975), Serri Magnusson Zirker (National Young Mother, 1975), Kellie Thomson (Miss National Teenager, 1976), Kristine Rayola Harvey (Miss Indian America, 1976), Ann King (Miss United Teenager of America, 1977), Helen Ng Puay Ngoh (Miss Singapore, 1977), Susan Wright Brown (National Young Mother, 1979), Fances Davis Burtenshaw (National Mother, 1979), Vicki Lee (Miss New Zealand, 1980), Gina Durbano (Miss Drill team USA, 1982), LaDawn Andersen Jacob (National Young Mother, 1982), Tiffani Baker (Miss Teenage America, 1984), Jill Thurgood (Miss National Rodeo Queen, 1984), Sharlene Wells (Miss America, 1984), Lezlie Noel Porter (National Young Mother, 1984), Deborah Davis Wolfe (Mrs. America, 1984), Christy Fichtner (Miss USA, 1986), Bobette Kay Wildcat (Miss Indian America, 1988), Corinne Cader (Premier Princess of Mauritius, 1988), Nadine Thomas Matis (National Mother, 1990), Deedra Lybbert (Miss Rodeo Canada, 1991), Wendy Goodrich McKenna (National Mother of Young Children, 1991), Sandra Earnest (Mrs. USA, 1992), Michelle Kay White (National Mother of Young Children, 1993), Roberta Henry Lawler (National Mother of Young Children, 1995), Esther Wright (American Honey Queen, 1995), Carolyn Merrill Shumway (National Mother, 1996), Lisa Vail Phillips (National Mother of Young Children, 1996). (likely more since) On the male side, LDS Larry Scott wins the Mr. America bodybuilding title (1963), Mr. Universe (1964), and Mr. Olympia (1965,1966). David W. Checketts, owner of the New York Knicks, is the National Father (1994).

[The Mormon Hierarchy - Extensions of Power by D. Michael Quinn, [New Mormon History database (http://bit.ly/NMHdatabase)]]

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