175 years ago today - Jan 4, 1848

[Hosea Stout]

Tuesd Jany 4th 1848. Today was a busy day for the police & Bishops.

Whiskey was at this time sold by a large number of brethren contrary to law which ordained that it should only be sold by the Bishops

The consequence was drunkenness was very prevalent and at some places they became very noisey. A complaint was made to the council by Bp. Whitney of the same whereupon the Council decided (Sund last) that the police & Bishops do their duty. Which was tantemount to saying put the law in force[.] ... Alonzo Jones closed his doors against the Bishops who broke open his door & took his barrel of whiskey.also one Ferris refused to deliver up his which was taken. We then went to the redoubtable John Pack who also kept a barrel & the Bishops made known their Business telling him at the same time that they would pay him for it ...

They at last called on me to "lay hand on it which I did & the Spirit came". for the barrel was nearly full.

... We took 5 barrels today. The 3 latter was forfeited as they would not yield neither in that case would the Bishops pay. We were busy untill ten oclock P. M.

[Diaries of Hosea Stout]

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