85 years ago today - Nov 9, 1938

Nazis in Germany being Kristallnacht ("Night of Broken Glass") in which they pillage Jewish businesses, burn synagogues, and arrest thousands of Jews. Max Reschke, a non-Jewish Mormon in Hannover, rescues some Jewish friends from armed guards and helps the family escape to Switzerland. However, as an example of the polarization of German Mormons about "the Jewish question," one Hamburg branch president prohibits Jewish Mormons from attending LDS services, while another Hamburg branch welcomes these rejected Mromons, defies the Gestapo (Nazi secret police), and give religious encouragement to a Jewish Mormon who refuses to wear the yellow Star of David. Later imprisoned for hiding a Jew in his home, Reschke survives the Nazi regime.

[The Mormon Hierarchy - Extensions of Power by D. Michael Quinn, [New Mormon History database ( http://bit.ly/NMHdatabase )]]

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