110 years ago today - Feb 11 1914

[Salt Lake Stake] President [Nephi L.] Morris made the following statement: -- President Joseph F. Smith, in the presence of the stake presidency,

announced that the recent actions of the council of apostles with respect to certain polygamous marriages, were in perfect accord with the views of the first presidency. A few days later, President Francis M. Lyman instructed the stake presidency in person that [former apostle] Brother Matthias F. Cowley was not to be permitted to officiate in any of the functions of the priesthood, and that he was to be denied membership in the high priests' quorum and in the local high priests' class. President Lyman said that Brother Cowley stood stripped of all authority, and was only as a member of the church and nothing more, barely having the privilege of the sacrament.

[Salt Lake High Council Minutes]

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