120 years ago today - May 13, 1897; Thursday

Pres[ident]. Jos[eph]. F. Smith narrated the personal conversation he and Elder Orson Pratt had with William McLellan, in 1878, who had once been an Apostle in the Church. McLellan then bore a strong testimony to Brothers Pratt and Smith of divinity of Mormonism and the Book of Mormon, and in the same breath condemned the Prophet Joseph Smith and many of our leading men. His demeanor however was such as to convey the impression that he felt he had made a fool of himself, but had gone so far that he could not retrace his steps.

Elder F[ranklin]. D. Richards mentioned the manner and language of Lyman Wight at a meeting after he had been cut off the Church. Pres[ident]. [Brigham] Young and Elder Heber C. Kimball met Lyman Wight on the street as they were going to a meeting, and invited him to accompany them. He went and at the meeting asked permission to speak. He bore a strong testimony to the divinity of the work, and said he would give his right arm if he could only feel as he used to, but admitted that he could not.

[Source: First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes]

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