60 years ago today - Wed May 22, 1957

[David O. McKay]
Eldred G. Smith, Patriarch to the Church, called at the office and gave his side of what seems to him to have been a censure given to him by Elders Spencer Kimball and LeGrand Richards. He then took a great deal of time referring to unpleasant conditions existing in his office. He said that inasmuch as Sister Timmons was employed as a secretary in the office of the Patriarch before he (Brother Smith) was ordained as Patriarch to the Church, she still "assumes" the right to make his appointments. I answered: "Well, haven't you asked her to make your appointments, and to keep a record of them?" He admitted that that was the case. I further said to Brother Smith: "That spirit should not exist in any office in the Church, and you should plan the affairs of your office so that there should be complete harmony and good will." Brother Smith said that he had another matter about which he wished to talk to me, but inasmuch as an hour's time had gone by, and that I had an appointment, I told him that he would have to see me at some future time.

[Source: McKay, David O., Office Journal]

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