170 years ago today - May 9, 1847. Sunday.

[William Clayton]
According to my calculations, we are now 300 miles from Winter Quarters, lacking a few rods. I got a small board and wrote on it "From Winter Quarters 300 miles, May 9, 1847. Pioneer Camp all well. Distance according to the reckoning of W Clayton." This was nailed on a post and in the evening I went and set it up about 300 yards from here on a bend of the river. ... At 3 P.M. a meeting was called and the Camp addressed by several. President Young took tea with Elder Kimball, and afterwards they started out together, with one or two others to look at the country ahead of us . . .

[Source: George D. Smith, An Intimate Chronicle; The Journals of William Clayton, Signature Books in association with Smith Research Associates, Salt Lake City, 1995, http://bit.ly/WilliamClayton]

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