175 years ago today - May 14, 1842 - Saturday

[Joseph Smith]
Saturday 14. City council. Advocated strongly the necessity of some active measures being taken to suppress. houses & acts of infamy in the city; for the protection of the innocent & virtuous— & good of public morals shewing clearly that there were certain characters in the place who were dis posed to corrupt the morals & chastity of our citizens & that houses of infamy did exist.— upon which a city ordinance was passed to prohibit such things & published in this days wasp.— <I> Also. spoke Largely for the repeal of the Laws ordinances of the City Licen[s]ing. Merchents. Hawkers Tavern & Ordinaries. desiring that this might be a free people. & enjoy equal rights & Priviliges. & the ordinan[c]es were repealed.— ...T his day it was first hinted in Nauvoo that Ex govenor [Lilburn W.] Boggs of Missouri had been shot.

[Source: Joseph Smith, Journal, Dec. 1841–Dec. 1842 in "The Book of the Law of the Lord," Record Book, 1841–1845]

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