75 years ago today - May 8, 1942

[Marion G. Romney]
This morning at 8:30, in company with Harold B. Lee and R. L. Judd, had an hour and a half conference with President Clark and President McKay. ... President Clark seems to have about the same view of the future that I have. He seems to feel that we face two crises, one the international crisis and one the national crisis. He feels that the international crisis is secondary. He thinks that we are being Sovietized by design and after the international crisis is over we may have the same experience that Russia had. Since we will not be taken over quite as easily as the Russian people were, we may have anarchy and a cessation of commerce. I feel, and I think President Clark's feelings would not be greatly different, that the Welfare Program is to lay the foundation on which our people can maintain themselves when there is no commerce with the rest of the United States.

[Source: The Diaries of J. Reuben Clark, 1933-1961, Abridged, Digital Edition, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2015, Appendix 2, The Diaries of Marion G. Romney, 1941-1961, Abridged]

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