170 years ago today - Jun 18, 1847

Brigham Young "deliverd A short lecture which was interesting & instructive, And said that when He gave A man council He did not want him to reject that Council or to bring up many arguments to try to Alter it for when A man did it I will turn on my heal & leave him."

William Clayton records, "The president preached a short sermon for the benefit of the young elders. He represented them as being continually grasping at things ahead of them which belong to others instead of seeking to bring up those which are behind them. He said the way for young elders to enlarge their dominion and power is to go to the world and preach and then they can get a train and bring it up to the house of the Lord with them &c."

Eliza R. Snow writes: " I spoke to br. H[unter] in the gift of tongues, sis. S[essions] interpreted, after which br. H[unter], sis. S[essions] & I laid hands on sis. H[unter]'s head and rebuk'd her illness & blessed her. I then sang a song to them & sis. S[essions] sang the interpretation. Susanna present & arose & bless'd sis. H[unter]."

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