130 years ago today - Mar 3, 1889


The Prophet Joseph taught us that father Adam was the first man on the earth to whom God gave the keys of the everlasting priesthood. He held the keys of the presidency, and was the first man who did hold them. Noah stood next to him, he being the father of all living in his day, as Adam was in his day. THESE TWO MEN WERE THE FIRST WHO RECEIVED THE PRIESTHOOD IN THE ETERNAL WORLDS, BEFORE THE WORLDS WERE FORMED. They were the first who received the everlasting priesthood or presidency on the earth. Father Adam stands at the head, so far as this world is concerned. Of course, Jesus Christ is the Great High Priest of the salvation of the human family. But Adam holds those keys in the world today; he will hold them to the endless ages of eternity. And Noah, and every man who has ever held or will hold the keys of presidency of the kingdom of God, from that day until the scene is wound up, will have to stand before Father Adam and give an account unto the lord, of the principles that we have received when our work is done in the flesh.

[Deseret Weekly, 38:389, Wilford Woodruff, in Quotations Dealing with the Relationship of Our First Earthly Parents to Our Heavenly Parents (1830-1978)]

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