35 years ago today - Mar 27, 1984

Official statement that First Presidency "are disturbed and saddened at the presence of anti-Catholic posters being placed in areas within Salt Lake City."

BYU bookstore director Roger Utley explains why records of the British group Culture Club have been removed from bookstore shelves pending an investigation of the sexual behavior of the group's lead singer, Boy George: "It's more an evaluation of the artist than of his music.". Ryan Thomas, Director of Student Programs, adds that Boy George, whose penciled eyebrows, heavy makeup, and ankle-length smocks had become his band's trademark, are a "well-recognized symbol" of transvestism and homosexuality. Almost immediately, some students pen sarcastic responses such as "Is there any real difference between a man who dresses as a woman in order to sell records and a parochial school that masquerades as a university in order to sell a church?"

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