180 years ago today - 180 years ago - Mar 17, 1839

[Brigham Young]
A letter was read to the people from the committee in behalf of the Saints at Far West, requesting teams and money to be sent back to remove fifty families of the Saints, who were left destitute of the means to move with, from there to Quincy. Though the brethren were poor and stripped of almost everything, yet they manifested a spirit of willingness to do their utmost, offering to sell their hats, coats and shoes to accomplish the object. We broke bread and partook of the sacrament. At the close of the meeting $50 was collected in money, and several teams were subscribed to go and bring the brethren. Among the subscribers was widow Warren Smith, whose husband and son had their brains blown out, and another son shot to pieces at the massacre at Haun's Mill. She sent her only team on this charitable mission.

[Manuscript History of Brigham Young, 1801-1844, ed. Elden Jay Watson (Salt Lake City: Smith Secretarial Service, 1968).]

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