145 years ago today - Aug 20, 1874

Instructions to Members of the United Order ... Inasmuch as some continue the use of tobacco, and as it is good for sick cattle, and when planted in orchards is said to be a preventive against the codling moth, it is recommended that enough be raised to at least supply our own wants.

... Our situation renders it advisable, so far as we may be able, to keep on hand a supply of bread-stuff sufficient for from three to seven years.

As rapidly as possible the finest varieties of grapes for raisins should be added to those already in our southern settlements, and all our markets supplied with the best of raisins. So far as wine and brandy are produced, pains should be taken that they be of the purest and best qualities, and vessels and storage cellars should be prepared for keeping the wines in the best condition.


[Instructions for Members of the United Order, in Clark, James R., Messages of the First Presidency (6 volumes)]

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