130 years ago today - Sep 26, 1889

[Apostle Brigham Young Jr.]
Decided to appeal to the Governor in behalf of Lamanites who are being thrust out from the fields by white men. Met at 2 p.m. in circle Brethren handed in names to fill vacancy in Quorum of Twelve. It was general feeling that the men chosen ought to have obeyed the Celestial law of marriage full in faith, and obedient to the priesthood, other things being equal. My opinion was Antoine Lund of Sanpete; Abraham H. Cannon S.L.C.; Richard W. Young. do. & Helemen Pratt Mexll were submitted to the Presidency for their decision.

[Diary of Apostle Brigham Young Jr., http://amzn.to/newmormonstudies]

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