135 years ago today - Sep 11, 1884

A letter from former Mormon and Godbeite Henry Lawrence appears in the DESERET NEWS explaining the Liberal party's reason for opposing raising property taxes to build a new public school in Salt Lake City's Eighth Latter-day Saint Ward (until 1890 school districts in the city coincided with Mormon church ward boundaries).

"[First] Utah schools are not free from sectarian biases and influences, not withstanding the statements of the Church party to the contrary.

[Second] a large proportion of the present Territorial school fund is derived from a tax on the property of non-Mormons, who educate their children outside of the district schools. Members of the Liberal Party, and non-Mormons in general, send their children to private schools, not public ones.

[Third] When the time shall come that the school teachers are selected with more regard for their ability for teaching than for their allegiance to a certain creed, then, no doubt, the Liberals will not only send their children to the district schools, but contribute freely for their support."

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