115 years ago today - Feb 12, 1905

Carl A. Badger, secretary to Apostle and U.S. Senator Reed Smoot writes in his diary that Theodore Roosevelt-"told Senator Smoot to have the temple ceremonies abolished, they were 'foolishness.' Being a mason," Badger adds, "He most likely knows something about them." Badger also writes, "from all I can learn, if anything is done with Cowley and Taylor, by the leaders of the Church, it will be because they are forced to do something." The government had learned that Apostles Matthias F. Cowley and John W. Taylor have performed and contracted plural marriages well after the manifesto. They are later dropped from the quorum amid government pressure. That same day Badger writes to his wife, Rose, concerning government accusations of post-manifesto polygamy "This is a contemptible attitude for us to be in, we have said that certain things do not exist, they are proved to exist; we say that if they are proved to exist that the guilty will be punished, and now they are going to wait to see if we mean what we say.... We are occupying a cowardly, hypocritical attitude in this matter, and cannot but reap a harvest of humiliation and shame. There is no use quibbling about whether we made a 'compact' or a 'covenant,' no one doubts but what the country, which had been fighting us on this issue for a quarter of a century, understood that polygamy had gone, and we allowed them to have such an impression,-encouraged them in it for our own ends, and we are now estopped to say that we made no agreement. Where is our honor on this matter It makes me angry."

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