175 years ago today - Feb 27, 1845

[Council of Fifty]

Br. [Lewis] Dana is acquainted with nearly all the tribes, & he can take a company right from here to the Pacific -- the Flat Heads have 200,000 warriors-- ano[the]r. tribe 180 & anr. 150,000 they want Mormonism-- we want some to stay among them as missionaries--

[William W.] Phelps says the U.S. report only abt. 2 or 300,000-- & also reported the speechs of Sacs & Foxes-- who are dissatisfied-- we can now make a virtue-- unite our teams & plow with Ephraim as well as the Gentiles-- ...

[Heber C. Kimball:] ... These men [apostles] can make vessels of you, & fit you for God-- there are some who say that the 12 are hard task masters but the day will come when it will be found outâ€" this Council does not justify Lyman Wight-- Emmett or [Sidney] Rigdon, all working against us-- they are sealing women to one another & running into adultry-- we can shew that most of Rigdon's followers enter into the Spiritual Wife doctrine ...

B. Y. ... Jos. wanted we -- visit the Lamanites --I commit to Br B. the keys of the Kingdom to the Lamanites-- he committed them to me-- we visited & preached to them they believed it, we have heard a many times from them--

Phelps sd. or 8. went over the boundaries of the U.S. [in 1831] to preach-- Jos. went to prayer-- he then commenced a revelation that Martin [Harris] was to marry among the Laminites-- & that I was to preach that day-- &c &c it was a long revelation-- we have a living Constitution ...

[Joseph Smith Papers: Council of Fifty, Minutes, March 1844-January 1846]

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