130 years ago today - Feb 10, 1890

Anti-Mormon Liberal party wins municipal election and takes control of Salt Lake City's government on Feb. 18. Apostle John Henry Smith writes: "The Liberals carried the election by fraud, having 795 more votes than the people [People's Party]." Heber J. Grant writes in his journal, " It makes me sick at heart to think of Salt Lake being in the hands of the Liberals."

President Woodruff writes:

"Our Enemies Called liberals were resolved to Steal the Election and they did. They struck off hundreds of Names from the list of the peoples Party and brought into the City By Rail road hundreds of men who voted illegally so they got the majority in the Election. But the day past without any Blood shed."

The Apostles decide that "if the majority was small say 600, the fraud should be denounced vigorously, but if the majority was very large, not fight the result beyond making a showing of the frauds perpetrated."

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