180 years ago today - Apr 28, 1840

[Patriarchal Blessing of Mark Anthony Coombs given by Joseph Smith, Sr.]

... as thou art a man of faith thy prayers shall prevail with the heavens until like Enoch and the brother of Jared thou shalt behold within the vail [veil], and not many days hence thou shalt receive the ministration of the hosts of heaven and thy joy shall be full. ...

And the spirit says thou shalt go unto the Lamanites and speak unto them the words of life and thousands shall believe thy words. Thou shalt be brought to stand before mighty chiefs and they shall speak unto thee in their language and thou shalt ask the Father and he will give unto thee wisdom to speak and understand their language and they shall believe ... thou shalt pray unto God and he will open thy eyes to behold the hidden treasures of the earth, of which thou shalt take and minister ... even if thou shalt go into prisons and bonds thou shalt be delivered by the power of God and thou shalt be a conqueror ...

Thou shalt cross the seas and stand in the palaces of Kings and the great men of the earth, and so great shall be thy power of speech that they shall humble in thy presence for the power of God shall be manifested through thee, unto the convincing them of the truth. ... I say unto thee that there are no blessings in heaven or on earth too great for thee, for there is not a drop of Gentile blood in thy veins...

Thou shalt live to see the winding up scene and thou shalt preach the Gospel as long as there is a wicked man on earth to hear... I now seal thee up unto eternal life and say unto thee thou shalt appear with the Lamb on Mount Zion in the end of thy days with the hundred forty and four thousand having your Father's name written in your forehead and singing the song of Moses & the Lamb. amen.

[Patriarchal Blessings]

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