120 years ago today - May 16, 1900; Wednesday

Elder Anthon H. Lund called and had a talk this morning with Presidents Snow and Cannon in relation to the employment of Brigham H. Roberts as editor of the proposed history of the Church, Elder John Henry Smith was also present. Brother Lund reported that Elder Roberts, while drawing $1200. a year as compensation for church services, wanted another $2,500. for doing this work, making $3,700 a year. Presidents Snow and Cannon thought this was too much, especially in view of the fact that the work to be done did not require the ability of an author. The names of Elders James E. Talmage and Joseph M. Tanner were mentioned for the honor ... in consequence of a remark of one of the brethren that perhaps President Cannon might be able to do this work, at least so far as supervising it was concerned... President Snow then asked President Cannon if he felt that his physical condition would permit him to undertake the task. President Cannon answered that if this was the mind of President Snow and the committee, he had no other alternative than to place himself at their services, and this he did freely and willingly, promising to give the publication of the work his best attention. Elder Lyman expressed himself more than satisfied at the turn things had taken, and withdrew saying he would seek an interview with Elder B. H. Roberts at once and inform him of it.

[First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes]

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