120 years ago today - May 16, 1900; Wednesday

Bro[ther]. Grant Geddes had a talk with President [Lorenzo Snow]. It appears that his deceased brother's wife (Margaret) who is a widow, has confessed to the a charge of adultery in the Bishop's court, and that the court had given her time to reveal the name of the man [i.e., David Eccles] in transgression with her. This she had refused to do on the grounds that he was a man of family, respected in the community, and to do so would do no good, but only bring reproach upon his family, and add to her mortificaiton. She was willing to make a public confession and ask forgiveness, and desired that she may be permitted to do this in order to retain her standing in the Church. The court held however that she must obey its requirement, and Bro[ther]. Geddes' business was to consult the Presidency in regard to the matter.

[Office Journal of the First Presidency]

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