120 years ago today - Aug 13, 1900; Monday

... President Snow then declared that no such sealings could be performed in Mexico any quicker than in the United States, with his consent, for such marriages had been forbidden.

Brother Rudger Clawson had a talk with Presidents Snow and Cannon on the subject of non-tithe-paying. He had learned that the Davis [Utah] Stake contained a great number of non-tithe payers among whom were some High Priests and Seventies; some of these, he had learned, did not believe in the law of tithing at all and the question had arisen what should be done with them. President Cannon suggested that the proper thing to do was for the quorums to which these men belonged take up the subject of non-tithe-paying and make it a matter of fellowship, that is, that non-tithe-payers belonging to quorums of the Priesthood who declare their unbelief in this law or who refused to pay tithing, should have fellowship withdrawn from them. This would leave them in a suspended state and would relieve the Bishopric and High Council from dealing directly with them, and giving any of them a chance to rail against any unfavorable action that might be taken against them in the regular church courts. Of course, they should be first labored with.

The sum of $10. was appropriated by President Snow as a donation to the Orphans' home. For some time the Church had been donating $5. a month regularly to that institution.

[First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes]

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