120 years ago today - Aug 16, 1900; Thursday

[George Q. Cannon] If a man, even in these days were to proclaim his unbelief in the doctrine of plural marriage, he would not be worthy of the Priesthood. ... B. H. Roberts, who had recently attended the Cassia [Idaho] Stake conference, had reported that some brethren in that region were being accused by their Teachers of living in adultery with their plural wives. He said that he told Brother Roberts that it should be made clear to such teachers that when the Manifesto was issued we did not pledge ourselves to abandon our plural wives, nor even cease to perform plural marriages outside of the Government; and when our people get the idea that we have bound ourselves to the whole world they manifest ignorance. A man may go to some countries and not violate their laws by taking a plural wife and living in plural marriage. Turkey, for instance; that is, if the man holding the keys authorizes him to do so he would have a right to do this. It was wrong for the idea to go abroad among our people that we had abandoned the doctrine of plural marriage as a tenet of our faith, simply because the practice of marrying plural wives is forbidden....

President Snow remarked that if he knew anything at all he knew there were thousands of dead branches which should be pruned for the benefit of the church. While no action was taken this was the general sentiment of the council. ...

[First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes]

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