175 years ago today - Aug 11, 1845

Patriarchal Blessing of Thore Thorsten given by William Smith ... for truly it might be said of thee the blessings of Prophets are upon thy head, and in all thy days and wherever thy lot shall be cast it shall be observed that thou art a child of a peculiar Spirit, and all this because thou hast descended from those fathers, unto whom the promises were made belonging to their stock, for among the number of thy forefathers there shall be them who administered before the alter [altar] who had the Holy Priesthood, stood in the house of David and held the key of knowledge they understood the mysteries of kingdoms, the power of Priesthood authority, held the oracles and wore the sacred robe, to them it was given to understand the principles and power by which kingdoms and empires were built up, kings and thrones were glorified, creation of worlds, by Vissions [Visions] and Revelations to hold power over all the languages of the earth over every nation, kindred tongue and people ...

[Patriarchal Blessings]

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