135 years ago today - Jan 2, 1887

We arrived at David Whitmers and was welcombed. ... he relates seeing a messenger while plowing who said Blessed is the name of the Lord and they who keep his Commandments soon after Joseph Smith & O[liver]. Cowdry came along David tied his team to the fense the 3 were about 40 40 rods from his Fathers while sitting on a log an Angle apeared in the midst of a brightness that preceded him on a table in front of him was the Ball or Compas, used by Lehi in the Wilderness[,] Sword of Laban[,] Urim & Thumim or Interpreters also the Plates which was shown to them and they were commanded to bear testamony of these things & he said as he lived those things ere true he fired up with zeal he is 82 years old the 7th day of this month. he said that 1st of June he received a letter from the Prophet looks into the seer stone told names of each stopping place forgetting names on return O[liver]. Cowdry who mad[e] notes for every one just as the Prophet related ... --on their way from Palmyra they saw a strange looking man, with a knapsac on his back the strap crossing his breast he came up alongside of the wagon David asked him to ride, no I am going over to Cumorah & suddenly disappeared by request of the Brethren Joseph asked the Lord who this mysterious stranger was, who said it was one of the 3 Nephites. with the Plates. David said he had see[n] him after near his Father's house & that his mother also had see[n] him. & he had shown the plates to her.

[Edward Stevenson, Journal, LDS Church Archives, Salt Lake City, Utah, as cited in Dan Vogel, Early Mormon Documents: David Whitmer Interview With Edward Stevenson]

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