160 years ago today - Jan 16, 1862

Orrin Porter Rockwell kills "while attempting to escape" Lot Huntington for Dawson beating. on Jan 1, 1862. Church Historian's office notes that Rockwell shoots Huntington eight times in stomach-difficult to do while someone is running away from the shooter. Salt Lake City policemen kill Moroni Clawson and John P. Smith while escorting them to jail on Jan. 17 for the beating. On Jan. 22 bishop's court tries participant Isaac Niebaur who confesses, protests that he "never stole from a Mormon," asks forgiveness, "but if his Blood must atone he is willing to die." Church court forgives Niebaur without blood atonement, but Salt Lake county court on Mar 25 sentences him and two others to varying prison terms for Dawson incident.

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