175 years ago today - Jan 9, 1847

[Hosea Stout]

While out I chanced to meet President Young and I gave him a hint of what was in the heart of the Herrings and agreed to see him further about this eveningaccordingly I & my brother went about dark to his house & saw him. ... After this Brigham & Heber went with us, (or we with them) to see Br Woodruff & let him also know what was in the heart of Herring who intended to take his life. ... We went away & Brigham gave him a hint of what was intended against him. Presidents Young & Kimball then went home and I related the particulars to Br Woodruff after which we came home.but had not been here long before Br Isaac C Haight one of the police then on duty, came to my house with Herring who he found had got into a scrape with Br Blazzard & was trying to dirk him & he brought him away, to me after swearing that he would revenge himself on those he was mad athe at length wanted to go to Brighams to get a Bowie knife to kill Br Blazzard.... The police however watched him till he laid down

[Diaries of Hosea Stout]

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