180 years ago today - Jan 4, 1842 - Tuesday

... Joseph prophesied in the name of the Lord. that the first thing toward building up Warsaw was to break it down, to break down them that are there, and that it never would be built up till it was broken down, and after that keep them entirely in the dark concerning our movements; and it is best to let Sharpe [Thomas Sharp] publish what he pleases and go to the Devil. and the more lies he prints, the sooner he will get through;45 not buy him out or hinder him; and after they have been in the dark long enough, let a certain set of men go there who will do as I tell them, a certain kind of men. some of those capitalists from the eastern states, say from Pensylvania ; wise men who will take the lead of business, and go ahead of those that are there before they know what we are about. and the place will prosper, and not till then-

[Joseph Smith, Journal, Dec. 1841–Dec. 1842 in "The Book of the Law of the Lord," Record Book, 1841–1845]

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