185 years ago today - Jan 2, 1837

Kirtland Saftey Society opens for business. -Anti- and -ing- were engraved before and after -Bank- -in smaller typeface- on the printing plates Cowdery had previously purchased in Philadelphia. Sidney Rigdon served as the chairman and president; Warren Parrish as signatory, secretary and teller; Joseph Smith was cashier. Its organizers launched, instead, a gigantic company capitalized at four million dollars when the entire capitalization of all the banks in the state of Ohio was only nine and one third million. Warren Parrish is secretary at the meeting. He is the banks' first teller and maintains the ledger book.

[Kirtland Timeline – Kirtland Safety Society, the Bank of Monroe, Temple Dedication, Consecration, and significant historical events related, http://www.exploringmormonism.com/kirtland-timeline-kirtland-safety-society-the-bank-of-monroe-temple-dedication-consecration-and-significant-historical-events-related/]

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