185 years ago today - Jan 6, 1837

[Patriarchal Blessings]

Patriarchal Blessing of John Lyons given by Joseph Smith, Sr. ... if expedient thou shalt have power over the violence of fire, and shalt speak in the name of the Lord and it shall obey thee. Thou shalt have power over water and shalt smite the waves if expedient and they shall be divided and thou shalt go over on dry land: the waves also shall be dried up at thy command.

Thou shalt bring many into the kingdom. yea thy thousands and thy tens of thousands ... Thou art forty and one years old and thou shalt live forty and four years more, if faithful and shall stand upon the earth in the last days and see it cleansed from wickedness and shall see the saviour come to Zion with power and great glory.

[Patriarchal Blessing Book 1:100-101, in Early Patriarchal Blessings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Joseph Smith Sr. (Author), H. Michael Marquardt (Editor), http://amzn.to/rCBHVe]

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