65 years ago today - Mon Jan 14, 1957

[David O. McKay]

7:15 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.--Met with Mr. Gus Backman at his request . . . . Mr. Backman told me confidentially about the attitude of some of our non- Mormon friends here in the city who are rather jealous, apparently, about the fact that nearly all of our civic matters in the city and in the state and in the nation are now controlled by members of the Church--our city government particularly under the police force, our state government, the Governor and a majority of the legislature, and nationally, all of our senators and representatives are members of the Church. Some who are not sympathetic with us are spreading the rumor that we are trying to push Mormonism down their throats, that the Chief of Police is a little too energetic in enforcing the law in clubs and other places. I told Brother Backman that certainly he would not wish us to tell the police to ease up on enforcement of law. Brother Backman said, "No, you could not do that." I asked Brother Backman to use his influence to assure them that the Mormons are not going to try to force our religion on anyone, but we are just simply wanting to obey the law and do our duty. I felt that perhaps we can influence some of our Gentile friends to satisfy some of those who are jealous and assure them that we are not going to take advantage of our position.

[McKay, David O., Office Journal]

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