110 years ago today - Mar 11, 1912

[Thomas A. Clawson]

"Our Bishops (Sic) Meeting was held at 9 P.M. and the matter of bro. Ridge having Negrow (Sic) bleed in him came up and bro Pennock was invited to tell us what he knew. He said that his wife's sister who had married bro Ridge in England had told her that, he bro Ridge, said that his great grandmother on his Mothers (Sic) side was a negress. Of course this news came as a great blow and surprise to her and going to the Temple she had ask (Sic) Prest Anthon H. Lund if they would ever be able to go to the Temple and he answered "I am afraid not." She then ask (Sic) him if she should leave her husband and he replied "I cannot advise you upon that subject."

[Diary Excerpts of Thomas A. Clawson, Signature Books Library, http://amzn.to/newmormonstudies]

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