110 years ago today - Mar 7, 1912

Concerning the situation in which a recent convert to the Church, also a Mason, was informed by his lodge that he must either leave the Church or give up masonry, "In company with bro Antone Ivins I called on Chief B.F. Grant as he was a 32d degree Mason to enquire if this Loge (Sic) was acting wholly withing their power in causing their members to withdraw because of their religion. He said that they had kicked out all Mormons from this Lodge except himself and that he was paying his dues and retaining his membership because Prest. Woodruff had counselled him to do so. The reason why he had not been kicked out with the rest was because [he was] too big a Mason and had too many big Mason friends in the East who would make a bitter fight for him which might result in their being reversed in their course and having to reinstate those expelled."

[Diary Excerpts of Thomas A. Clawson, Signature Books Library, http://amzn.to/newmormonstudies]

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