120 years ago today - Mar 18, 1902; Tuesday

[Joseph F. Smith and John R. Winder]

... President [Wilford] Woodruff's instructions to Stake President[s] on the subject of recommending for second anointing limited them to persons who had gathered with the Church, whether dead or alive, and this was the policy adopted by President [Lorenzo] Snow, although he may have made exceptions to it. And it is our mind that faithful men who have gathered with the Church, who can be recommended as worthy to receive these higher blessings, but who through death were deprived of them, should receive them by proxy. It would be in order therefore to extend your recommends to Franklin P. Whitmore, deceased, inasmuch as you knew him to be worthy.

[Joseph F. Smith and John R. Winder, letter to David John and Joseph B. Keeler, LDS Archives]

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