125 years ago today - Mar 18, 1897; Thursday

Pres[ident]. Woodruff related the following:

"While traveling with Zion's Camp, through the State of Ohio, we came to a very high mound, to the top of which we climbed by means of steps over which the grass had grown. The steps were very wide, probably about twelve feet. We found the top of the mound to be quite level and to cover a great deal of ground. After we had over looked the surrounding country, and had descended half way down we were halted by the command of the Prophet Joseph. We had taken a shovel with us to the top of the mound, thinking that we might have some use for it, and after we had halted, the Prophet,

speaking to the man who had the shovel, told him to throw up the dirt at a certain place to which he pointed. After removing a little more than six inches of soil, the skeleton of a man was discovered, from the joint in whose back-bone the Prophet drew a flint arrowhead which had been the means of taking his life.

["]The Lord showed the Prophet Joseph that this was a white Lamanite named Zelph; and that he fought under a great chieftain named Onandagus, whose dominion covered an immense body of country. The Book of Mormon does not mention the name of this Indian Chief, Onandagus."

(The flint arrowhead referred to above came into the possession of the late Pres[ident]. Brigham Young. After his death it came into the possession of Sister Zina Williams Card, who presented it to Pres[ident]. Woodruff, in whose possession it is still.)

[First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes]

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