175 years ago today - Mar 6, 1847

[Brigham Young]

I stated that I knew that Bro. Packer had lied to the meeting in the name of the Lord; and as to Bro. Packer's not wishing to reveal names because the guilty parties had been through the Temple I did not know of any law that required the brethren to hide the iniquity of others; and as to "Mystic ties" I pronounced all ties, that would cloak a man's iniquity because he is a brother, devilish ties. The Devil has got up this plan to destroy the people. Do the ties of the Masonic lodge oblige Bro. Packer to conceal the iniquity of a brother? No. There are no such ties.

[Elden J. Watson, ed. Brigham Young Addresses, 1801-1877: A Chronological Compilation of Known Addresses of the Prophet Brigham Young, 6 vols. (Salt Lake City: Privately published, 1971)]

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