120 years ago today - Aug 1, 1902

First Presidency Letter: "Brethren recommended to the temple for second anointings should be men of experience whose integrity to the work of the Lord is beyond question, and who are known for their continued faithfulness, as it would be very unfortunate thing indeed for a man to receive the higher blessings and aftewards apostatize. The question of age would naturally be a consideration in recommending for the higher ordinances, but it is not to be understood for a moment that you should wait until brethren become old before recommending them to receive these blessings. The chief qualifications are worthiness, fitness and unshaken integrity, and these should be combined in man thus recommended whether they occupy presiding positions or not: but as a matter of course the brethren occupying presiding positions, such as those of the stake presidency, high counsilor president of the high priest's quorum, patriarch and bishop are suppose to be in possession of these qualifications."

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