145 years ago today - Aug 24, 1877

Patriarchal Blessing of Brigham Henry Roberts ... listen to the whispering of the still small voice of the comforter, for through that source thy guarding Angel will warn thee of events to come, and give thee power over evil and unclean spirits: and thou shalt realize that the hand of the Lord is over thee for good; and that He has preserved thy life in the past for a wise purpose. He hath also delivered thee from among thine enemies, therefor[e] give praise unto whom praise is due.

And thy days and years shall be many; and thou shalt become a mighty man in Isreal [Israel], and assist in gathering the honest in heart among the nations of the Earth. ... Be faithful in keeping the commandments of God, and thou shalt preside over a Stake in Zion. Thou shalt also be prosphered [prospered] spiritually and temporally ...

Thou shalt also be mighty in healing the sick by laying on of hands, for this shall be thy special gift through pray[e]r and faith. ...

[Patriarchal Blessings]

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